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Children MRI

    Pediatric radiology deals with imaging diagnostics in newborns, small children, school children and adolescents.

    Since radiation exposure in childhood is particularly relevant, we attach great importance to avoiding the use of X-rays in children as far as possible. Magnetic resonance tomography is a special procedure here. MRI works with the help of a magnetic field and is therefore well tolerated by children. However, the longer examination duration, the volume and the tube-like shape of the device pose a particular challenge for children. We can draw on many years of experience in pediatric radiology. You can rest assured that our team will treat your child and family with the utmost affection and calm. Unfortunately, a trusting and empathetic atmosphere is not always enough for particularly young children. So that an MRI examination is also possible for these children, we also offer the examinations under sedation (light anesthesia) in cooperation with the paediatrics department.

    Our institute has a pediatric radiologist (3 years in Germany) additional training, so that we can offer you and your child child-friendly and high-quality imaging.