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Cardio CT

Computed tomography of the heart (cardiac CT) is an established method for displaying the heart and the coronary arteries. Cardiac CT can reliably rule out coronary artery disease (CAD) and should be used in patients with a low to moderate probability of CAD.

Unlike the usual cardiac catheter examination, cardiac CT is not an invasive examination procedure. This eliminates a large part of the risks compared to cardiac catheterization.

In the past, cardiac CT was limited by significant radiation exposure. Our CT scanner has innovative techniques that enable a significant dose reduction and thus significantly reduced radiation exposure for our patients.

Examination process

The CT scan itself only takes a few minutes. In order to achieve an optimal examination quality, however, thorough preparation is necessary. Therefore, please plan enough time for the appointment (usually 2 hours).

How do I prepare myself as a patient?

You must be sober for 4 hours before the examination, please do not smoke or drink coffee.

As with any other contrast-enhanced CT examination, we need laboratory values in advance, such as the creatinine value (kidney function) and the thyroid values (TSH basal value, T3 and T4).

The cardiac CT examination is not a "lifestyle" examination, not least because of the use of X-rays. Therefore, the indication for the examination should be discussed with your doctor in advance and a referral should be available.

Since our radiological practice does not have a billing permit to perform cardio CT and cardio MRI on patients with statutory insurance, we can only offer you this examination as an IGeL service (individual health service).