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Prostate MRI

Prostate carcinoma is the most common form of cancer in men in Germany. Therefore, regular check-ups from the age of 50 make sense in order to be able to detect prostate carcinoma as early as possible. The prostate MRI helps here, which enables a targeted and precise diagnosis of even the smallest carcinomas.

An elevated laboratory value (PSA value) usually requires further investigation of the prostate, so that multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging is performed. This examination depicts the prostate and its internal structure in detail. The examination takes about 25-30 minutes and is carried out lying down. Contrast agent administration in a peripheral arm vein is necessary. Your bowel activity can negatively affect the quality of the examination. We therefore ask you to refrain from sumptuous dishes. We transmit our written findings and the image information digitally to your referring urologist. Our MRI data record helps your urologist to accurately biopsy suspicious findings (take a sample).

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