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Digital Mammography

Mammography is an X-ray examination of the female and, in exceptional cases, the male breast. The procedure serves to diagnose the conspicuous findings of the palpation examination, which is usually carried out by your gynecologist. Mainly, however, it is an excellent method of cancer prevention. The digital mammography recordings made in our practice are characterized by very high image quality with the lowest possible radiation exposure. The images are viewed on special high-resolution monitors, which show even the smallest changes in the breast tissue.

Attention: We do not perform mammography on breast implants!

Examination process

For the examination, the breast must be briefly compressed. This is completely harmless, but some women may find it uncomfortable. The examination itself only takes a few minutes. After the mammography images have been taken, one of our medical specialists will examine you and discuss the results with you in detail.

How do I prepare myself as a patient?

A special preparation is not necessary. On the day of the examination, you should not powder or cream the breast and armpits, as this can make the examination more difficult and distort the mammography image. If you already have previous recordings or preliminary findings, please bring them with you to the examination.